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Rowan. 20. Human. Queer. Feminist. Sex positive. Agnostic.


I’m so excited about the new place, really can’t wait to move in. I can’t stop thinking about all the cool things we can do with the space, and what furniture we need etc. Its going to be amazing!

Things are really good right now, I’m glad we have found somewhere to live because I was beginning to feel a little unsettled. There’s only so long you can live out of the corner of someone’s living room, even if they are family.


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Putting down the deposit for this huge studio today! Such a great space, me and Tish will hopefully be moving in by the end of this month!

I really can’t wait to get all my things in and get some furniture etc. I’m going to try and set up a makeup area and a place for making costumes, and Tish will have space for graphic design work and maybe some screen printing! There’s loads of natural light so I think I might set up a backdrop for photographing makeup etc.

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Setting up an LGBT society at West Thames College

So I’ve decided to set up an LGBT society. I was inspired by watching Pride last week (brilliant film which you really must see), it just made me realise that I want to do more activism, to try and contribute more to changes in society that I would like to see.

So if anyone has any advice or tips I would love to hear them!

Hi! Really hope you don't mind me asking, but which makeup school do you go to? I'm looking at universities at the moment but I'm finding it so hard to find anywhere that does a specialist makeup course! Thanks! X

I am at West Thames College studying Specialist Makeup. The course is great, really intensive, I definitely recommend it.


Ordered a Galaxy Note 12.2 last week with my student loan, it was delivered yesterday but no one was in, so I rescheduled delivery for today. Last night I got an email from amazon saying they had issued a refund and the money would be in my account within 5 days.

Today the tablet was delivered.

So I think I got a free tablet???

Baldy is back! #makeup #mua #gianteyebrows

London is going great so far!

Last week we had induction on my makeup course, and tomorrow morning we start proper lessons! I am so excited!

Also Tish is coming down tomorrow evening and I literally can’t wait! I’m so happy we are taking the leap to move down here together. I’m sure there will be some stresses and strains throughout the next few months, but I know we make a good team and we can get through the hard times.

I bought a tablet (samsung galaxy note pro 12.2) the other day with my student loan, and that should be arriving very soon so that is also very exciting! Life is looking really great right now :]

Can’t wait till me and Tish have found our own place and we can really focus on making a great life for ourselves. Being with her makes me so incredibly happy - she is the most loving and affectionate person I know, and she makes me smile more than I can explain.

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